Though drawing is one of the oldest mediums, it has not been given its due respect in the art world. There are few artists known only for their application and exploration of drawing mediums. My intention is to develop drawings on a scale and of a quality that enables them to stand on their own in comparison to other more popular mediums. In my work, drawing is not preparatory or secondary, but is the full focus of my efforts.

The shock value of art has long been gone, and now comes a time of questioning and balance. I have intentionally chosen subject matter considered by many to be cliché. While it is often acceptable in contemporary circles to challenge traditional values and methods, little has been done to contradict the so-called avant garde. It is, however, my belief that cliché does not exist in the subject but within the artist and his approach. The challenge comes from doing the overdone subject with enough conviction and intensity to still find a spark of life.

My work deals with dichotomy and contradiction; the methods I employ are contemporary, the materials traditional; the subject common, the format irregular; the surface controlled and polished, the application of graphite intuitive and responsive. I intend to challenge both contemporary and traditional concepts of art by presenting drawing which is not line, painting without color, and sculpture that is two dimensional. My work submits the clichéd image as a contemporary object.